T-Shirts, Servers and Release Parties

SoftlayerYesterday Ubuntu Oregon joined Softlayer’s Catalyst Program as such Softlayer will be providing Ubuntu Oregon with assets that will allow us to further our goal of advocating for Ubuntu and Open Source in general while also enabling us to have resources to do Demos, Offer Webspace for Presentations and do Packaging at Bug Jams. So a big thanks goes out to the folks at Softlayer for supporting developers and open source projects.

CephAdditionally I would like to take an opportunity to give a big thanks to the folks at InkTank who work behind the scenes on Ceph for their sponsorship of our 12.10 cycle release party shirts.


If you are an Oregonian (heck or Southern Washington Resident) who uses Ubuntu or just interested in it or perhaps you would like to contribute to Ubuntu then stop by the Ubuntu Oregon 12.10 Release Party next month more details are available with RSVP at the link below:





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